08 June 2011

*wordless-ish wednesday*

i like the idea of wordless-ish wednesdays that i've seen on other blogs - posting a pic (or a few) with a caption. so...enjoy my first wordless-ish wednesday post!

i feel like i'm constantly saying "ruby is getting so big" these days. as you can see, on the left, she's not too in to lying on her back anymore. if you put her on her back, she'll start to lift her head up towards you, as if to say "help me out, would ya?" and she rolled over again today. when she's in tummy time now, she keeps her head up for most of the time and just looks around at the room, the mirror, and me, then rests it on one of her chubby cheeks for a bit before she does it all over again. she's starting to suck her fingers at night to get herself to fall asleep, too. it's amazing and wonderful to see her learning, but also a little sad as i put away her newborn clothes and get ready to move her into her own room in her own crib. wow. yeah, i'm a little freaked out about it, but mostly i'm just over-the-moon proud of our little girl.

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