03 June 2011

a good refrain (lyrics i love v. 1)

so once a week, i plan on discussing my love of lyrics on here by highlighting a song that i think has especially awesome lyrics and why. with this in mind, i was going to write my first post on a monday so that i could name it 'music mondays' or something slick like that so that i could start off with a tribute to the title of my blog "a good refrain." however, i couldn't wait for next monday to get started. and all i can think of that sounds good with thursday is 'thirsty thursday' and that just won't work. i'll let you know when i come up with a good topic title. so, anyway, for this week -

i got 'a good refrain' from the regina spektor song "on the radio". even though i had heard the song many times before, i never really "heard" it until the week i found out T & i were expecting Ruby, if that makes sense. here are the lines that i think kick some serious lyrical booty -

"this is how it works
you're young until you're not
you love until you don't
you try until you can't

you laugh until you cry
you cry until you laugh
and everyone must breathe
until their dying breath

now, this is how it works
you peer inside yourself
you take the things you like
and try to love the things you took

and then you take that love you made
and stick it into some,
someone else's heart
pumping someone else's blood

and walking arm in arm
you hope it don't get hard
but even if it does
you'll just do it all again

on the radio
you hear 'November Rain'
that solo's awful long
ut it's a good refrain"

i don't think i really need to explain why this is just full of awesome-ness. i'll just say that i found myself in tears listening to it when i first learned ruby was on her way and looking back on it now - seeing how hard the journey did get & how i always had T to walk "arm in arm" with -- of course, i would (and will) do it all again. because through all the crap and not-so-good days in life, i realize now more than ever, my new family is a good (and that's a serious understatement) refrain from it all.

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