14 June 2011

fun weekly pics v. 2

i'm a bit behind on fun pics from last week, but here we go...
sunday (june 4th): we had breakfast at alterra & then
headed down to IL for baby eli's baby shower.

okay, so i staged this pic, but it's just too cute.
napping on the way down to IL.

monday: well, mondays are so much better
now that this beautiful face is a part of our lives.
tuesday: bathtime with dad (auntie rhonda says ruby looks
like a little boxer here. ha ha)

thursday: ruby has been loving her activity mat so much lately.
she is a happy camper when she's hanging out on it,
swatting at her toys, smiling, and talking to them.

she especially loves this elephant. :)

saturday: ruby & i headed to whole foods, where i bought groceries
to make greek shrimp pasta (delish!). our friends, albert & tara, were
in town from atlanta and brought their new-ish baby,  nate, to visit. nate
is adorable. which is good, given that he just may be ruby's future husband. :)
anyway, as you can see here, ruby was a huge help making dinner. yeah,
her new found love for her fingers pretty much trump everything else.
*sigh* she's getting so big and strong! she sat up like this
for most of her tummy time this week.


we made a pathetic attempt moving ruby to her own room on saturday night. that didn't go over so well. lol. ruby, who usually goes to sleep pretty quickly, woke up crying every 10 minutes or so until we caved and said "you win". :) so back to the basinnet in our room she went. in all fairness, we never really used her room for anything so she wasn't familiar with it at all. so, we're going to spend more time in it and try again in a few weeks. but this did give me an excuse to finally make her room an actual nursery, with her changing table, pictures, and toys. (see above) i love her room. but also am not one bit upset that she's still in our room. :)

sunday: when the brewer's are playing, sundays have become our day to represent for our team. :)
and ruby has gotten in on the action, too. love it.

and just because - sleeping ruby. is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? no, i don't think so, either.

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