05 June 2011

june showers bring ... july baby eli!

today, ruby & i made the trip down to buffalo grove, just outside chicago, for my friend hillary's baby shower. well, i should say that we made the trip b/c my wonderful hubs drove us down, made himself busy during the shower, then picked our butts back up! it was a big help, as i was a little nervous driving for over an hour without any help. ruby, of course, was great for the majority of the ride, but it's still always great to have time with T. anyway, i digress. 

hillary is expecting a baby boy, who will be named eli, in july. i am psyched that ruby will have a little buddy to play with right around her age. and even more psyched that it's going to be hillary's baby. :) hilla (as i call her) and i have been friends since second semester my freshman year at UWM. we were instant friends and grew very close over the years that followed. we lived together for several years and my greatest memories from college almost always include her. i never would have guessed that hilla and i would be pregnant at the same time and have babies so closely together, but i am absolutely thrilled about it. and beyond excited for her. knowing how fulfilling our life with ruby is now has made me all the more excited for hilla to experience it and for us to be able to become moms at the same time.

the shower was a great time! her mom, sister, and aunts hosted it for her, danielle, and jeff, and it was fantastic! there was a monkey theme that you could not miss -- it was monkey madness! welcoming people, great conversation, and most of all, just great to get to see hillary so beautifully preggers and happy. this kid is going to have wonderful parents.

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