12 June 2011

lyrics i love v. 2

this song has been my theme song the last week or so. i cannot get it out of my head! (not that i mind.) i saw mr. dennen once in concert and he was great! a bundle of energy. but that's another post. anyway, almost every day for the last week, when i wake up, this song is in my head. and when i'm up in the middle of the night with rubinski (my most recent nickname for ruby), this song is in my head. his lyrics can often be difficult to understand (so i'm including some of my favorites below), but the chorus is pretty easy to make out. i, of course, love singing it to ruby when we're dancing around at home. :) so, check it out and i'm sure you'll be dancing, too!

sydeny whenever you feel unhappy
all you have to do is call me
i can make you laugh
sydney i know that you were wrongly accused
i hope you don't lose your sense of humor
allegations made in the school yard
soccer mom's gossip in the dog park
their bark is worse than their bite
they're only a couple of crazy cougars
they're bored, spreading those desperate rumors

you know that i was never that cool
but i won't be taken for a fool
if they wanna talk trash
they can talk, talk, talk
but they better come correct
if you ever need me, call me
i'll come running straight to you
straight from the airport
i'll come running
cut through the customs line
i'll come running
bust down the court house doors
i'll come running
i will testify
sydney I'll testify

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