20 June 2011

fun week{end}ly pics v. 3

last week flew by (hence the lack of posts) but last weekend was a really great time! here's a recap in iPhone pics...

ruby & i started saturday morning off with a photo shoot. after i gave her a faux-hawk. and surprsingly, she was lovin' it. lately when i whip out the camera, she drops the smile pronto and i end up stealing pictures of her when she least expects it. :)

we headed down to "summer solstice", a local block party each year on, yup, you guessed it - the summer solstice. my friend, lisa, came with us and it ended up being a really great day. here was ruby, chillin' out in the stroller. (notice the big-toe-thumbs-up. ha!)

the fascination with her fingers continues. it is ridiculous how cute it think it is. she doesn't have to do much to impress me. :)

lisa & i enjoying the block party, a blue moon, and fabulous company. :)

ruby showed her dad a little love on father's day

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