24 June 2011

flashback friday

this picture was taken almost exactly a year ago. and without going into any innapropriate details, it was also almost exactly a year ago that i became pregnant with ruby.  i didn't know until a couple weeks later, of course.  not until well after this day - which included numerous beers as we celebrated a friend's upcoming wedding.   not until after T & i moved the first of our stuff into the one bedroom apartment we recently signed the lease on.  and not until after i interviewed for a supervisory position, telling my bosses that i was "at a point in my life where i can make my career a priority."  oh, the irony. 

i am getting together with many of these lovely ladies tomorrow evening. and this time at the end of the night, i'll be coming home to T and ruby.  so there won't be numerous beers drank tomorrow.  and T & i are currently completing a rental application for a two bedroom townhouse in a quieter neighborhood.  and my career?  well, i enjoy my job and i do it well. but my top priority now? that would be these two... 

 ...and i wouldn't want it any other way.

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