01 January 2013

with resolve

so, i've never actually been serious about setting new year's resolutions for myself. but for some reason, this year i feel motivated to do so. and i want to be specific about my plan to carry out said resolutions because otherwise by january 10th i'll be eating cheesecake by the pound, wallowing in anxiety, and will have missed the deadline to sign up ruby for swimming lessons. (again)

so, here goes...

1. i would like to do a cardio workout 3 times a week and do some strength training 3 times a week. T bought me a kinect for the xbox & i have already tried out zumba and another fitness game he got me. so far, i really like them. it's convenient & fun. win and win. i have a super cool planner and want to schedule out my workout sessions in it.

2. menu plan. i want to cut out us eating out so much and buying convenience food at the end of the day bc i don't have a plan. this is another thing that i will use my planner for, as there's a handy dandy menu planning/grocery column.

3. get back to using the cash envelope system for anything other than bill paying basic things (like car loan, student loan, credit cards, cable & electric, etc). all other items in the budget, we will pay for in cash. we started this system last summer and it worked great. but after T's mom passed, i didn't keep on top of it and things got a little out of our normal routine. but i am going to get it back in order. we save a ton of money using that system.

4. worry less/blog more. i am putting these together because part of the problem that arises when i start worrying is that i don't DO anything with the worry and it just keeps eating away at my energy, my focus, and my hope. but blogging helps. it helps to get it out there and out of my head. i also plan on talking to people more about anxieties i'm having instead of thinking i'm bothering people or afraid to admit my fears. i plan on making a blog schedule in my planner (i know, my planner is legit!) in general, i'd like to blog at least three times a week. feel free to call me out on that if you don't see me around these parts for several days. ;)

5. DO more with ruby & T. more than just the usual brunch on sunday and trips to target. (not that those two activities will be going anywhere.) but i'd like to add in activities like going swimming, maybe camping (we have this kick ass tent that we have never even opened!), go see a drive-in movie, pick strawberries, take bike rides together. you get the idea. just DO.

6. get pregnant (maybe even actually have a baby!) i won't go into detail on my strategies for accomplishing this task. ;) you're welcome.

i think this covers the big ticket items that i want to focus on this year. don't wish me luck, instead wish me motivation, resolve, and stellar follow-through skills. (oh, and T, you can crack down on me if you see me slipping. thanks, amigo!)

happy 2013, folks! :)

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