09 January 2013

growing girl: a ruby update

so, i stopped doing ruby's monthly updates at 18 months. a year and a half seemed like a good round number & i was going through a bit of a rough patch with ruby's difficulty walking, so it all kinda worked out when i had taken a break from blogging.

but i do still want to give updates on the little chica, since a big part of this blog is to be a memory book, of sorts, for her to read when she's older.

so, here goes.

ruby is just about 22 months old (next week). (i wonder when i'll stop saying how many months she is and just stick with years?) anyway, she is full of personality, as most kids her age are. she's got lots to say. and some if it we even understand! :) so, that's a plus. she is saying some three word sentences, like "milk please, mama!"
or "sit down, dad!" it's pretty much a small miracle to actually be able to talk to her since so much of her life i've spent guessing what exactly it is she wanted.

ruby has really grown attached to other people besides T & i, which is fun to watch her do. she has her favorite teachers at daycare and talks about them often. she also talks about her family on both sides. that's especially exciting. when her aunties rhonda & candice are around, she wants nothing to do with T or i, which is actually a nice break for us. she's even started calling my moms by their names, which is pretty funny. you'll hear "margie? wella? (della)" when she's looking at pictures. it's sweet.

she's really into pretend play. we got her a pretend kitchen for christmas and it is so cool. she likes it, too. each night before bed, she usually tells T to "sit down!" and then proceeds to whip him up something with her spoon and bowls she has to play with. and she still likes putting buzz, woody, jesse, and elmo to sleep by laying them on the floor, covering them with a blanket, and patting their backs. it doesn't kill me with adorable-ness or anything. ;)

i've already updated recently on her walking. tonight i held her hand and had her walk up the sidewalk in front of our house and she actually did great! it didn't feel like she was pulling on my hand as much as it usually does. she seemed much more steady and a little less dependent on me. and she was moving quicker. so that's great. people with special needs will often refer to their kids reaching "inch-stones" instead of milestones bc progress can move so slowly, so it definitely feels like she's passing some inch-stones. and that feels fantastic. we have her neurology appointment in a couple weeks so i'll update after that, too.

and lastly, here is a rundown of some of ruby's favorite things:
• toy story, nemo, cars, elmo, sid the science kid
• coloring/drawing/using permanent marker on things that one should never use permanent marker on
• giving kisses, saying goodbye to people, especially T and i if we leave in the morning. (i recently heard "have fun, mama!!")
• peanut butter banana smoothies
• pizza
• rice
• reading books, especially one about tubby time
• oh, and speaking of, she still loves tubby time.

that's pretty much ruby in a nutshell right now. and here are some random pics of her in the last week or so. she's learned how to take selfies recently so there's one of those in the bunch, plus just some of my favorite ruby-smiles of late. i've taught her how to "show her teeth" and say "cheese" so we've gotten some funny pics of her lately.

enjoy! and happy hump day!


  1. Maren just said (in her best "aww that's cute" voice), "Hey look! Little baby Ruby!" She loves her cousin. :-)

    1. aw, we can't wait to see you guys next weekend! a loooong weekend at your place will be fantastico!! :)

  2. Her smile just kills me! I wish we were closer. I'd love to take portraits of your little darling!

    1. thanks! i wish you guys lived closer to us, too. i think our girls would be a hoot to watch together! :)