07 January 2013

lyrics i love: cloud cult

cloud cult. do you know them? if you don't, you really should sit down with one of their albums & have a drink. i owe my discovery of them solely to my brother in law, lucien. (if you ever read this blog, a million thanks, my brother!)

so, cloud cult is basically the most interesting-sounding, emotion-evoking band i've ever come across. i always cry when i listen to their music. sometimes in a happy way, sometimes not so much. but they hit the core of me every time.

this song is one of the best road trip songs ever written. it just feels right, blasting through your speakers, with the windows rolled down. my definition of perfection.

i'm actually surprised i haven't posted any cloud cult on here yet but i think i'm tweaking out for the concert i'm going to next weekend that they will be playing at. eek! seriously stoked.

so, it's really quite hard for a lyric junkie like myself to choose just a few lines of their songs that are my favorites because they are just all so damn good. (although, if i was being forced to choose from this song, i would just have to go with "i could use your lips on me and a little bit of dramamine..." seriously. seriously!)

so, this song is called "journey of the featherless". and truly, do yourself a solid & youtube this one. you will not regret it. enjoy!

got myself a mission
i'm going to find heaven
i made crepe paper wings
i think they'll carry me well

i left you a love poem
the best i have written
my favorite words
were the ones i couldn't spell

they say that i'm a lunatic
they say that i am full of it
i say that it's worth dreaming
just for the dream of it

it's all about passion
it's all about perception
don't call me on my cell phone
cause there ain't no reception
when i'm gone


honestly i miss you
and i hope that you're missing me
cause i could use your lips on me
and a little bit of dramamine

for the moment i can see
way better than i've ever seen
don't sell my stuff on ebay
cause i might be back
before i'm gone


i'm not the kind of man
who's into looking downwards
i drank my share of pity
from the bartenders cup

so many people
wondering what's the right direction?
as far as i'm concerned
there's only one way up

and my fingers they are blisters
and my eyes they are bullet holes
my heart is still beating
guess i'm pretty lucky...

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