08 May 2012

ruby antics

ruby has long been known as a trickster. when i was still expecting ruby, T's sister, candice, got a reading and the woman foretold that ruby would keep us on our toes all while also keeping us laughing. and that is absolutely the case. with ruby, every day is filled with moments like this...

T: "ruby, don't touch that."

ruby looks at me, like "is he trying to tell me what to do?"

"watch this, old man."

"uh-huh. that's right. whatcha gonna do about it?"
(notice her finger still on the 360 power button)

"yeah, i'm talking to YOU. i said, whatcha gonna do about it?"

"aha! you'll do nothing! why? because i'm cute. duh!"

and i just cannot forget this one. monday, i was driving ruby and i home from work and daycare. i was on the phone with a friend when i looked in the backseat and saw ruby doing something i'd never seen her do before. and i could not stop laughing. seriously, whose kid starts undressing themselves whilst strapped in the car seat?? in fact, it's probably a good thing she was strapped in, or the chick would've been buck naked before i exited the freeway! oy vey. love this kid.

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