04 May 2012

flashback friday: everybody loves a wedding!

lately, i've been lucky enough to have the time and energy and fun stuff to blog about so i've got loads of memories that i want to document here. but, i also love the idea of "flashback fridays" so that's what's on deck for today.

and it's a fun one! our wedding. it was a perfect day. sunny, light breeze, 75 degrees. i couldn't have dreamed for a more perfect day. and, appropriately enough, it was on a friday instead of the usual saturday. which is a very good thing because the day after our wedding, it started to rain. and it rained pretty much all day, every day, for the next 8 days. not that it bothered us too much since we were on our honeymoon in sedona. :) but that's another post. for today, here's a stroll down memory lane, to the day of our wedding.

one of my favorites.


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