01 May 2012

our week in iphone pics: april 23 - april 29, 2012

here i am with my first "week in iphone pics" in a long, long time. i've been meaning to do this, as i always think amy's looks like such fun! check her out and link up to get in on the weekly-camera-phone-fun! and without further ado, here was our week. check us out!

dad took up running last week. so what did we do while he was gone? stuffed our faces with strawberry cake, chocolate frosting and vanilla bean ice cream, of course!
i'm a big kid now. like, i eat waffles in the morning on the way to school. a big kid, like, for reals.
ruby is so funny, i tell ya. one morning last week, we had just gotten up and apparentally,
 she decided she just wasn't quite ready to start the day.
so, this is her throwing in the towel before the day had even begun.
the cat looks a little concerned, no?
oh my goodness. are there even words for this? we took a trip to target and found this hat.
which was way too small but also way awesome.
this girls reads. in her room. in the car. in bed. while watching tv. she also loves baths.
combine the two and you have ruby's version of heaven.
i did some serious organizing. i've got more to do, but i gots to say, i'm pretty proud of myself. :)
 ruby loves her giant teddy bear. she especially likes to use him as a little chair.
we got a special visit from our friends sarah and sam. and they came on their motorocycle which was just about enough to send ruby over the curiousity edge! she was intrigued, to say the least, until the moment they drove away.
another one of my favorite pictures of the week. she keeps doing this. she'll try to crawl over the bar on the chair, get stuck half way over, and just end up dangling there with her feet in the air. (and yeah, she might have been crying in this picture, but i just had to get a picture. don't judge me, please.)
hours of endless entertainment. ruby makes goofy faces instead of eating.
saturday morning, i took ruby with me to get my oil changed at the dealership. one of the salesmen got ruby a balloon. and yeah, she pretty much loved it. i mean, how could she not? it was ginormous.
practicing with a spoon. where in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks has my little baby gone?!
new pants. for 12.95. boom. h&m, i heart you.
aaaaaand, most exciting moment of the week.......
drumroll, please....
ruby has started standing on her own!
go on with yo badself, rubinski! she's got skills!
(and, as you can see, she's very excited show them off!)


  1. she's so cute! i don't judge for taking the picture of her crying while high-centered... i've been guilty of the same thing. many many times.

    1. i'm glad i'm not alone. T said to take a video but i didn't take it that far...yet ;)

  2. Gosh she's getting bigger and funnier every time you post! I love the balloon picture. Noella gets balloons everytime we go to iParty and boy is it the highlight of her life.

    Does she have a "big girl" bed already? I'll admit I'm kinda jealous. Noella moves around so much it's going to be a long time before we banish the crib.

    1. well, she has a big girl bed...kinda. :) we did take the one side off the crib and i put one of those railings that you can put on a crib mattress to make it into a toddler bed. i also put the mattress on the floor b/c she not quite able to climb down things yet (she's good with climbing UP, of course! lol). once she starts walking, i'll put it up - it'll be around a foot or so off the ground. anyway, i like to be able to lay down with her when she's having trouble sleeping, so it works for us. and it IS kinda cute watching her crawl into her little "bed". but noella's got lots of time for that, too. :)