11 May 2012


when i was a little girl, my mom enrolled me in tap, ballet, and jazz dance lessons. i loved it so freaking much. and, i got very excited about the outfits i got to wear. always full of sequins and sparkles. inspired by my little dancing self, my mom found this leotard and tutu and obviously couldn't say no. i tend to keep the frills and over-the-top girlie stuff to a minimum around here so this probably fills the quota for the next year but even i think we can all agree... oh. my. cuteness.

here's ruby reading, saying hi to me, and saying "enough pictures, ma!"
(and don't worry - that's an old debit card. which is not to say
that she doesn't go through T's wallet already or anything.
heaven help us when the teenage years come...)

                                little ballerina checking herself out                                          

some sweet details

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