03 May 2012

catching up (again): easter dress

yeah, i know. easter was quite a while ago. but mid march to mid april was seriously rough for us. ruby was sick for over a month, and then we were on vacation, and then she was kind enough to pass along her sickness to us. so i'm still trying to catch up on all the fun that we did have in between that stuff. and one of those fun times was easter.

when i was a little girl, i remember my mom taking me to the store each easter to pick out a dress. and the dress had to have a bonnet, too. i love that i have a little girl now to continue that tradition. last year we picked out a little dress and bonnet for (then) 8-week-old ruby. it didn't even fit her. she was drowning in it. but it had to be done. i didn't start blogging until ruby was about 3 months old, so here's a never-before-seen pic of little ms. ruby and me celebrating her first easter together, with kisses.

so, the tradition continued this year. but there was a sweet little twist on it. the dress and bonnet in the picture (s) below are actually hand-me-downs from ruby's older cousins, teagan and maren. my sister, lisa (their mama), handed down some (and by some i mean, 4 rubbermaid containers full) of clothes for ruby. it was so generous of them to share with us and it's great to see ruby toddling around in her cousins duds.

the morning of easter, i dressed ruby up, gave her her basket of easter eggs and plopped her in the front yard to play. i took a lot of pictures. little girl in a bonnet (plus those shoes!) = super photo ops. ultimately, we ended up with a wardrobe change because ruby couldn't crawl around in this dress and she was getting mighty frustrated about it. so i put her in another dress from her cousins, put a sweater over the dress, left the bonnet on, and we headed off for a walk to the coffee shop for some breakfast. a lovely morning, indeed.

i introduced ruby to dandelions. in usual ruby-fashion, she tried to eat it.
wardrobe change! conveniently enough, the bonnet matched the new
dress so ruby demanded she keep it on. sheesh, diva.
"oh, hi mom. i got an egg."
flirting with people at the coffee shop. those shoes just kill me. super cute.

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