05 May 2012

our week in iphone pics: april 30 - may 5, 2012

well, another week is in the books. and it was a pretty good one. full of our favorite things - family time, food, snuggles and tickle-attacks, reading, and even a special event tossed in. check it out!

1. ruby wasn't quite ready to start the week so back to bed she headed.  2.
snuggles with ruby's cat-bestie, peyton. 3. attempting to snuggle said cat.
3. after-bath-snuggles (the best kind, in my opinion) .4. tambourine-playing
fool. 5. new trick: stacking blocks. and getting quite good at it, i must say.

1. two thumbs (er, fingers) up for standing on her own! 2. keeping our pearly
whites pearly. 3. tickle-time with dad. 4. little birdie eats cheese. 5. sid the science
kid. have you seen this show? it's on pbs. it is seriously awesome. 6. that's a tomato,
ruby, not an apple. but don't let me get in the way of you enjoying the heck outta it.
7. reading books before bed with dad.

1. we went to a 5K walk with our friends. this little guy, xander, is about six months 
younger than ruby and full of smiles. ruby was a little slower to warm up, but
2. soon enough she was eating fruity cherrios and singing songs. 3. playing in the
grass, waiting for dad to get home. 4. tossing a ball around with mom. 5. check out
my new car air freshener from bath and body! love it! (and shout out to my friend, anna,
for giving me the heads up on them! you saved my stinkin' car.) 6. and what would
any day (or hour, rather) be if ruby wasn't reading a book?


  1. awww the after bath snuggles are my FAVORITE!! :) What a sweet photo.

    And you know what is funny? I grew up in WI, but now I live in MN. ha! Where in WI are you?

    1. oh my gosh, how funny! we live in Milwaukee. shorewood, actually, if you're familiar with the area. I have family in mn - elk river, bloomington, duluth, plymouth, rochester, & wadena. pretty much all over! where are you at? and I have to say - MN has some of the best parks ever!