21 July 2011

our growing girl

it's been a minute since i've posted. the days have been flying by. ruby is changing so much every day and we try to soak up every minute we have with her. between that, trying to sleep, and spending about a half hour washing ruby's bottles each night, time is running low. at any rate, life is wonderful these days. more than ever before, ruby is becoming more and more like a little girl and much less like a baby. now, you better believe she's still sleeping like a baby. that has become my focus lately since she doesn't seem to be a natural sleeper. that doesn't bother me much. in fact, i really don't mind getting up at night with her, even 3 or 4 times. what i really want for her is to be able to learn how to put herself to sleep. i am not willing to just let her "cry it out" so i've been reading the "no cry sleep solution" book. i absolutely love it's approach. it's not a quick fix solution, but instead focuses on gradual changes. i've heard that sleep regression and just needing to learn how to put themselves to sleep is a common developmental change for most babies so i'm not sweating it too much. it's just a phase, like everything else.

and speaking of development, on a much more fun topic - ruby is really starting to make good use of her hands. it's the sweetest thing. she's the sweetest thing. she's constantly chewing on her fingers, using them to grab at toys or pretty much anything in her reach and then immediately shove it in her mouth. and i don't have a picture of it (because i took video, of course!), but every so often, she will fall asleep while chewing on her fingers and kinda talking to herself. it is hilarious! here's some ruby-love and examples of her new skills. i think my personal favorite is the second from the left on top - i mean, she is seriously showing that toy who's boss! although, i can't deny that the bottom right isn't pretty awesome, too.
*sigh* we are in love.

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