07 July 2011

blogging and baby-raising

i haven't told many people about this blog of mine. when i did tell one friend, she giggled and said " 'cause that's what people do after they have babies, right?" i didn't realize it but after looking around i saw she was kinda right. i have been following a baby blog (http://www.agoodlifeblog.com/) since november of last year, but i had no idea that there was a whole baby blog world. i should have known - i mean, it is the internet, right? what isn't on here? anyway, i have found that i really love to blog. :) it's kind of like a journal for me - a place to spill all my thoughts, experiences, memories, and feelings. T reads it so i know he'll see what's on my mind, but i don't have to come straight out and say it to him. we communicate well but sometimes it's easier to communicate with pictures and written word like i can here.

but i haven't been able to post as much as i would have liked lately because life is busy these days. between visiting with family, our day to day life flies by quick. ruby and i get home around 5:30, i get an hour or so to play with her, then it's bath time with dad (for her, i mean. this is a PG blog. heh!), and bedtime around 7:30. after that i have to make something for dinner, pick up the house, wash all ruby's bottles, and get her food ready for the next day at daycare. blah - it's exhausting just re-reading that! after i've finished all that, i inevitably think to myself - "self, you should really go to bed b/c your kid will be up in less than 4 hours." but if i do that i miss out on the good stuff - watching the brewer's with T, having any sort of an adult conversation with him, and my most recent favorite past time - bloggin'.

so, as you can see, blogging while raising a baby is tough work! but regardless, i hope to be able to keep it up. i really love looking back at pictures and posts and remembering all the fun stuff we've done as a family. it's cliche and you hear it all the time, but the time with your kid really does just fly by. i am grateful for every second of it and i hope you never hear me complain about it. i'm honored to be a mom - to be ruby's mom. i know life will be different for a while - well, really, it'll never be the same again. but it is better than i could have ever imagined. it's not something that i can explain to anyone who isn't a parent themselves. and it's not like i can sit around talking about ruby all day. i mean, i am completely capable of doing that :) but i'm sure no one wants to hear it all day long. which is probably why moms and dads start blogs after they have kids. for me anyway, i have to get it all out there - the overwhelming and completely amazing experience that is life after you start a family. 

i'm rambling now. so to summarize - i hope i can keep this bloggin' deal up even with the craziness that is life these days. and hardly anyone looks at this blog, but for those of you that do, i know that you'd be very sad if you weren't able to see stuff like this on a regular basis...

but. ter. ball.
this kid. she kills me. :)

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