08 July 2011

if you're going to choose someone to share your life with, you should choose someone like this...

i realized i haven't posted much about T. which is crazy seeing as how he is pretty much my bestie. everyday i am grateful for him. we are going to celebrate 9 years together this coming november and it is amazing to think about our history together. when i met him at a mall my sophomore year of college, i had no idea that in a little over a year i'd be dating my future husband. it was an instant connection and we became friends quickly. i loved how he always made me laugh, what a snazzy dresser he was (ahem! and still is), and that he seemed genuinely kind. plus, it didn't hurt that he'd buy me beer if i asked. our 7 year age gap came in handy at times. :)

i think the age gap freaked T out a bit but there was no denying the obvious connection we had and despite some obstacles, a little over a year after we met, we were dating. within a month, i'd already dropped the "L" word (in a voicemail...on accident...it's a funny story) and i pretty much knew we were a done deal, in it for the long haul,  in it to win it... you get the idea.  :)

and now i know that it was the best decision (as if it were a choice) i've ever made. i used to always say that i never put much stock in the idea of fate or soul mates. and for the most part, i do still think that we choose to make a relationship work or we choose not to. however, as i look back on the relationships i've been in and the ones that i could have become involved in, i see just how close to perfect terence is for me. no one else has ever been as patient, as understanding, as supportive, or as caring as him. and now that we have ruby i am even more grateful for these qualities because they make for an incredible father. T loves ruby and i and he makes us his priority; i see it every day.
so, like i said, i couldn't have picked a better person to share my life with. 

ok, i'm done gushing now. you can go throw up. :)

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