13 July 2011

in collage: july fourth weekend

i've been meaning to document some fun pics from our trip up to MN for the july 4th break. ruby was a trooper on the drive up (from the smile on her face in the carseat pic you'd think she actually liked that thing. um, no. carseat = torture device in ruby's eyes.) we stayed at my sister and brother-in-laws house and as usual it was a blast! our nieces, teagan and maren, are a hoot. they are full of non-stop fun and excitement. and they love ruby. i *cannot* wait until she's a bit older and can really play with her cousins. we also got to spend a lot of time with my younger sister, sam. sam is one of the sweetest, most caring people on this planet. she is a beautiful person inside and out. we don't get to spend any where near as much time together as i'd like us to so being able to enjoy each other so much this weekend was wonderful. and yup, she loves ruby, too. :) i don't have pics of it, but we also got to see my mom. she came up to lisa's for a day (and brought me a huge jar of rhubarb champagne jam - sweet!). we also got to see my dad and mom, along with more extended family, at a delicious (can you say brisket? oh lordy!) bbq. it was an awesome trip - nice and long (and included a trip to ikea!) and filled with lots of love and laughter with our family.

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