23 July 2011

lyrics i love v. 5

i can hardly believe that i've been doing "lyrics i love" for over  a month and have yet to post a JM song. this song is one of my favorites from his 'heavier things' album, his second big release. 'daughters' got most of the play from this album and while it's a great song, i like this song more. when it comes to my love of music, john mayer is at the top of my list. although he is incredibly talented, i'm probably a bit partial to him because he's basically provided the soundtrack to my adult life. and his lyrics are heartbreakingly honest. in fact, i fell in love with his music for the first time without even listening to him sing. i was a freshman in college and went to a small talent show in the dorms where i lived. there was a guy singing 'why georgia' and i was hooked from the moment i heard that song. of course it was catchy, as any good pop song is, but what really got me was the lyrics. at the time, he only had an indie album out, but his first big album 'room for squares' was about to drop and he would soon be coming to the rave in milwaukee for a show. myself and two of my best friends went to the show and from then on, i followed him and his music closer than any other artist. i fell in love with terence while 'any given thursday' (live album) played in the background of my life junior year. i remember exactly where i was when 'heavier things' was released. i rushed out to get it and couldn't get the wrapping off the cd fast enough. i laid on my bed at my first apartment in college and listened to every song beginning to end. twice. (as became my ritual for every album he has released to date.) his next album, 'continuum' absolutely killed me and is arguably (although i have no idea who in their right mind would argue with me on it) best album to date. my sister and i got to see him perform in john mayer trio at a small venue in minneapolis where we absolutely lost ourselves in his music and mad guitar skills (oh, and for lisa, also in captain & cokes. two, i think. but it was enough. :) ). his last album, 'battle studies' was definitely not his best, but it had it's moments and i still listen to it regularly. i wait in anticipation for his next album and have heard it may be released this fall (eeek!!) 
no doubt that i will post many JM songs in the future, but we will start with this one. it's my mantra in life that everything is just a phase and this song puts things in perspective for me, reminding me to appreciate the here and now and to take everything in stride. here are my favorite lines -

"people have the right to fly. and will when it gets compromised. 
their hearts say 'move along'. their minds say 'gotcha heart'. let's move it along...

and if you never stop when you wave goodbye,
you just might find if you give it time, you will wave hello again...

and that's the way this wheel keeps working now...
you can't love too much one part of it..."

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