02 May 2013

mama memoirs: ruby right now

two is such a fun age. (well, mostly. it has its moments of sheer madness, too.)

one new skill ruby developed is singing songs. she's always liked songs sung to her, like most kids, but lately, she's been singing "happy birthday" to everyone. (especially her cousin, hannah.) she is straight-up OBSESSED with that depressing song cowgirl jessie's sings from toy story 2 & asks me to sing it over & over again to her. but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that she started singing along with me. of course, it killed me with cuteness. you just try not melting into a puddle when ruby sings "iiiiiii will alwaaaaaays loooove yoooouuu!" in the backseat. it's pretty much impossible.
it's also so wonderful to hear her singing because we grew up singing with my mom a lot in my family & so to carry that on with ruby feels fantastic.

i guess the other part of ruby that's so fun right now is her budding sense of humor & ability to have a give & take kind of a conversation. tonight, she asked to wear a "jacket" that she'd been playing with. it was really her 6-9 month snow suit. I shoved her in it & it was so tight that she couldn't straighten her legs! we were laughing so hard! then she says to me "show dad!!" so, off we went to give dad a good giggle, too. (we were successful.) ;)
and also? she's currently snuggled up with the snowsuit bc she threw a crazy fit when i said we should put it away & i chose not to fight that battle. go ahead, kid, sleep with your snowsuit.

so that's ruby right now. singing songs & sleeping with winter clothing. :)

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  1. Gracious, Dany - her smiling face is more engagingly beautiful all the time; doesn't seem that long ago when you would stand on the piano bench so you could see the words, with the "older" singers behind us... good times

    1. isn't she, mom? such a one of a kind. :) and yes, good memories, indeed. some of the best. :)