25 April 2013

on the move

last saturday, ruby & i met up with ruby's physical therapist, who's name is LISA, NOT LORI. ;) she is such a fantastic therapist & even more, she's a wonderful & supportive person. she told me about this warehouse that accepts donations of various adaptive equipment that families can check out FOR FREE. the inventory is hit or miss, depending on what's been donated, but man, did we hit the mother load!! we got three items - everything we were looking for! more on the details later but for now, check out ruby's first time in a chair. it's not a traditional wheelchair, (which is good bc that's not really what she needs right now, not yet anyway), but it fits her perfectly! when she got in it, you should have seen the look on her face! she was so proud! it's been a hard thing to face - seeing ruby need actual equipment like this. but seeing her figure it out & start cruising along, made me forget about all my anxieties about it. my only emotion was pride for our beautiful little lady! check her out!