19 April 2013

the perfect end to a crazy week

T went to the brewers game tonight so ruby & i had a mama-daughter date night. it was such a happy evening (save for one serious goose egg at the end. whoops.)

we ate pasta at rocky rococo's & ruby acted like her usual goofy self. then she danced & entertained herself through store after store while i tried to find something cute & cheap (not an easy task!) for my agency's annual fundraiser tomorrow evening. i am including the pictures below of us in the dressing room not to show you the jacket options (I picked the pink one with some vote-by-text assistance from my sister, lisa, for the record) but to share ruby's antics in keeping herself occupied. she can get herself into all sorts of different positions while still strapped into her stroller. goof!

it was such an enjoyable evening together. even more than it usually is, which is saying something. it did end with a bang, so to speak, when ruby slipped coming off her bed & slammed head first into the hardwood floor. eek! we iced it for about 15 mins (still can't believe she let me keep the ice on for that long!) and she was back to her giggly self. just with the addition of a huge bump on her head.)

just love our sunshine girl.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I've already worn it twice! :)

  2. Ruby is adorable. Love the pink jacket too.

    1. Thank you! she's an entertaining little lady. :) hope you guys are doing great!