05 April 2013

what's the latest?

so, i feel like updates are in order. it's been busy around here lately & I've not had the time to blog like I have been lately. (and pardon the bullets but it's the easiest way to get everything out this time.)

• biggest new around here is that we are in full packing/painting/moving mode. it was very sad when our landlord passed away last august. our new landlord is very nice but plans to move into our side of the townhouse & rent out the other side to someone he knows. so, we found a really cute, lower flat just one block away from our place now. no stairs, which is good for ruby, and all hardwood floors, which is also good for her walker ("wheels", as we call them.) we move in officially next weekend but our new landlord has given us the keys and we've been painting and moving things in a little at a time, which is a huge help bc moving with a two year old is not the easiest thing ever. looking forward to getting in and getting settled.(and decorating!) i'm in full-on purge mode, boxing up ruby's toys & baby stuff she's too big for now (this does make me tear up AT ALL) & storing it in the basement. tomorrow i'm going through my clothes & the kitchen & boxing up things to donate to goodwill. it's kinda like spring cleaning & it feels good!

• on a note-so-good note, we had to put one of our cats, Peyton, to sleep last weekend. Saturday morning, I woke up to him crying in pain & listless. took him to the ER vet, who confirmed he had a bladder blockage. she explained the process for fixing it (although it wouldn't be a for-sure fix). it was a horrible decision to make & it was all very sudden. I think the hardest part was having to explain it to ruby & her saying she "love that cat. I get Peyton, mama. Peyton come home, mama." seriously, like a knife to my heart. thankfully, she's two & rebounded quick. but his brother, eli, not so much. she's been sad, crying downstairs, clearly looking for Peyton. we were originally planning on giving them to the humane society to re-home but then obviously changed our plans when it would have been only eli to go. (they would have been adopted together, only.) so, a friend of mine, who also had to put down one of her cats recently, said her family might be willing to adopt eli. and then our new landlord made the same offer. so, it's been decided that eli will stay with our new landlord (who has two other cats, too), I'm glad that eli won't have to adjust to a new home & I think our landlord will take good care of him. we are sad about Peyton but I think everything else has worked out well for eli. we definitely wanted him to be with other cats bc he's always had Peyton & we don't want him alone now.

• shifting gears, we are continuing our process of determining how we are going to go about having more kids. we met with a geneticist who did some testing for us to confirm our SMA carrier status (approximately 2% of all children born with SMA have only one parent who is a carrier, instead of two. this scenario would greatly reduce the likelihood of having another child with SMA, so it's good to have the carrier status confirmed.) we were also screened for cystic fibrosis carrier, as well as a hemoglobin something-or-other disease that is more common in those with Asian ancestory. both of those results came back negative, so that's a good thing. we are going to be meeting with a fertility clinic that does preimplantation genetic diagnosis along with IVF. at this point, we want to have as much information about all the options as possible before we make a decision. I feel good about that. I'll update should we make any decisions one way or another. I can say that we have made the decision not to try to have another baby naturally& take our chances of having (or not having) an affected child. so, we will move forward from here & see what's in store for us. nothing is easy but it will be worth it.

• we are planning our first trip with ruby to disneyland. eeeek!! happy happy happy! families of sma (fsma) is having their annual conference there this year & we will be going, along with my mom, my sisters lisa & wendy, & their kids. cannot wait! ruby & I have been watching various videos of rides online & squealing in delight. so, so, SO excited. :)

I think that's the latest & greatest around these parts. busy, but all is well & we are loving spring & find beautiful moments in each day. like picking our noses (ruby) & snuggling (us)...


  1. Thank for updating. It's great to hear all that is happening!

    1. i'm late on this, but just wanted to say "hi bro!" love you!