06 May 2013

dear ruby

at the end of each day, we snuggle into your bed and read a book. as soon as i say "the end", you turn your head into my shoulder and close your eyes. you're almost ready to go to sleep but mostly you just do this to be closer to me. i always whisper "i love you, ruby" and you say "love you, mama" right back. and if i say "you're my sweet girl", you nod your head at me. then you snuggle up next to me and i stay with you until you fall asleep. this has been our routine since you were a little bitty baby. i have never for a second regretted rocking you to sleep or laying next to you as you drift off because these moments, the ones we both end our days with, are the most beautiful, most valued moments to me. thank you, my sweet girl, for making me a "mama". you bring more light to my life than i ever thought possible and always wrap my day up in a perfect bow.

sleep tight, little one.


  1. awww. I teared up as I read this because I feel exactly the same way about my Mason. Hugs to you and Ruby.

    1. :) I cried when I wrote it. lol. but it's the truth. our babies are the sweetest part of us, aren't they?