15 March 2013


only 22 minutes left before this day ends. the day my sweet girl was born, already (and in some ways, just) two years ago.
it still surprises me some days that we have a toddler. but ruby never let's us forget it. she is skilled at the toddler ways already. she is so much cooler than I could have ever imagined she would be.

happy birthday, sunshine girl. we love you, ruby harper.


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    1. thank you!! can't believe our kiddos are TWO! :)

  2. Ruby is soooo beautiful! I can imagine how quickly the time has flown by! My baby will be 3 months on Wednesday and that just blows my mind! Sometimes I just wish I could freeze time :)

    1. thanks! I completely understand what you mean. in fact, there are days that I wish I could rewind time & then pause it. I miss some of those little baby days. but with each day brings new fun, too, so we keep chugging along & try to enjoy as much of each day as we can. :) and btw, I stopped by your blog, too, and have to say - you've got yourself a beautiful little girl, too! I'll be sure to follow you guys along your journey, too. :)