23 March 2013

special saturday sister soirée

i'm doing the alliteration all the way tonight. ;)

ruby & i road tripped up to madison today to meet up with my youngest sister, sam. she happened to be in town with a fellow nurse (& friend) who was taking a big test. so, while her friend was test-taking, we got to hang out with ruby's auntie sam. it was SUCH a great day. we hardly ever get to spend one-on-one time with any of our family from mn because whenever we are visiting up there, it's always a jam-all-your-visiting-with-everyone-into-two-days kind of weekend and most visits overlap. so, the individual time with sam was quite lovely.
she and her fiancé, jesse, gave ruby some thoughtful birthday gifts and then we ate lunch at one of those mongolian grill places. for the life of me, i keep messing up the name, so i'll just skip that part. (ho hut? that just sounds wrong.) anyway, it was scrumptious and we over-ate. this was what sam said her goal for us was when we walked out of her hotel room and i can confidently say that we met the challenge.

when we got back, we splashed around in the hotel pool a bit and then searched pinterest for gender reveal party games. i think we found some fun ones and i am ELATED to say that sam is planning the party for the last weekend of april when we are in mn and can actually attend! it's going to be an exciting evening! hoping my nephew/niece cooperates and shows the goods off so we can be revealed that kind of big news. :)

we traveled home & ruby passed out about 5 minutes after we got on the road. she was pooped and i jammed out to twilight soundtracks the rest of the way home (say what you will about the movies/books but those soundtracks? quality.) it was a perfect saturday. it was only missing a nap but i plan to make up for it tomorrow. priorities, people.

oh, and ms ruby is front facing now in her car seat and she is a happy little girl about it. the few times I turned around to see her today, she was just staring at me smiling. one time she busted out "i see you, mama!" love our growing girl.

enjoy some pictures of our day. hope you have a happy, happy weekend!

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