05 March 2013

ruby & her bff

ruby & i met ava & her mom, becky, at the daycare ruby & ava go to. they have been together, since the beginning, all the way back to the "pear room". :) sadly, they aren't in the same room right now but since becky & i quickly became friends, we all see each other outside of daycare & work hours. last weekend, we played with ava while becky had a work obligation. we had so. much. fun. !!!! the girls were great together, talking to each other, playing together, bickering back at forth at times, & basically having the time of their lives. it was fun to see, for sure. after becky came back, we all went to the craft store & then noodles & co for lunch. pretty much the perfect day with our very good friends. mama/daughter double date for the win!

and here are some shots of the little lady's play date:

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