15 March 2012


well, the day has come and (almost) gone. so many times today, I would look at the clock & my mind would wander back to where I was that very second, one year ago. much of the day ruby was born is a blur, but there are many moments amidst the blur that I can remember perfectly clear. I hope that I never forget those moments because honestly, I don't think there's any way I could write them or describe them to someone or record them, in order to somehow save them outside of my head; love that I really will never be able to communicate to ruby with words. words that she will never understand until she has a child of her own. I can only hope that each day, for the rest of her life, I can show her how the day she was born has changed me; has taught me the true and fulfilling meaning of sacrifice and has shaped me into the person that I was always meant to be.

here she is, on the morning of her first birthday.

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  1. happy birthday baby girl! i remember doing the same thing... looking at the clock & thinking about what i was doing a year ago :)