24 March 2012

one. part two: the deets

so, I posted a little reflection on Ruby's actual birthday but I didn't do a complete monthly post, so I'm back in full effect to take care of that!

here are the specs on our growing girl:

*i think she will be walking within the next month or two. she cruises like a pro & is starting to let go of furniture that she holding on to sometimes. funny (& scary!) thing is that she most often does this when she's taking a bath. she doesn't like to sit in the bath. she just likes to stand. ya know, like a dare devil, she just throws caution to the wind. you can't leave her alone or look away for a second when she's in the bath, obviously. but it's ok bc taking baths is one of her favorite things to do still.

*ruby still doesn't say much more than mama, bye-bye, & the occasional "dad", but that does not mean she doesn't know how to communicate, let me tell you! she loves to make people laugh. if she sees you smile at something she does, she will ham it up big time to get you laughing. she smiles at everyone, looking for a response. her receptive language is very good. if I tell her to follow me to her room or the kitchen, or to get me. book from her room, she does. basically what I'm saying is that she's a genius. ;)

*some new skills: loading up containers and boxes with random objects from around the house, giving me her arm/leg when I'm dressing her, and trying to put shirts over her own head. so smart. just growing more every day.

*ruby has transitioned over to whole milk all the time during the day and just nurses at night before bed, if she wakes at night, and in the morning. before breakfast. she is doing great and still eats pretty much anything we give her.

she is 18 3/4 lbs & 28 1/4 inches long.

now, onto the fun stuff...pictures! :) the last few months of ruby's monthly pictures were a blurry mess bc she is so hard to keep still while laying on her back. she wants nothing to do with it. so, in an effort to make the monthly pics easier (and more fun!), I'm going to let her sit up in the rocking chair in her room.


  1. lol. What a cutie pie! The bathtub reading picture is my favorite. And that hat at Target is hilarious. ha!

    1. thanks! there's always something fun to find at target! :)