08 March 2012

little nerd in the house!

since she was about 3 months old, ruby has loved books in every way; being read to, turning the pages, pointing at the pictures and words, chewing on the covers and babbling along as I read to her. books are her go-to activity, for sure. see exhibit A below. :)


  1. i swear i commented on this but maybe i'm losing my mind. or maybe it has to be approved? or maybe you didn't approve it? haha, either way, i think i said something about how much parker loves books & i love that he loves them! so cute to have a little bookworm :)

    1. funny thing - you did post! I even have the e mail to prove it! but it sure didn't show up on here. lol. I went through my settings and such but I am not sure what happened because that's the first time it hasn't posted one of your comments. maybe it thought you were a robot? haha (those codes to enter to prove you're not a robot are seriously tricky sometimes!) at any rate, thanks! it's clear that ruby & parker are baby geniuses! :)

  2. I so wish Noella would love books! She mostly wants to see the first two pages and then tries to rip the pages or grabs it and throw it to the floor. I'm holding out hope for the day that she'll sit nicely and want to be read to.