07 November 2011

best. halloween. ever

okay, i'm a little late with this one. but i have been swamped in every area of my life. i manage to take pictures of everything that i want to blog. it's the actual blogging that takes more time and energy than i can usually muster up after i get ruby to bed and everything situated in the house each night. but tomorrow, i'm home with rubinski b/c T has to work and we can't put her in daycare the extra day. so that means, among many things, that i get to nap (!!!) tomorrow when ruby does. holla! what up?! yeah, you know you're jealous.

so, i must must must recap our halloween celebration. waaay back in august, i found this post at www.pinksuedeshoe.com and was immediately inspired. i knew immediately that i had to make this happen for ruby's first halloween costume. i, too, was obsessed with rainbow brite, as a child. one of my co-worker's wife is quite a talented seamstress, he showed her the link, and she said she'd be happy to make it for ruby. and i'm serious when i say she's very talented - she made the costume, without seeing/measuring/even peeking at ruby, and it fit like a glove. i lost myself in giggles the first time i put her in it (and every time after for that matter). she was a huge hit! everyone has said she was adorable and that it was one of the best costumes they'd ever seen for a little baby girl. i couldn't agree more. it was a great day, great memories, and as you'll now see, some great pictures!
i just love her little leggings. and the star antennas. and her fluff. :)

rainbow brite and her sidekick, twink

handing out candy to the masses!

this was during a quick costume run-through the day before halloween. we had to make sure everything fit just right. she doesn't look at all excited, does she?? :)
behold, the final painted pumpkin product!
and making ruby into a kung fu baby
(you know, the rainbow kung fu baby version)

other halloween festivities - painting her pumpkin. ruby loves to paint and she did a lovely job, if i do say so myself.
other halloween shenanigans included playing in a pile of rainbow
we had an absolutely awesome halloween. next year, ruby will be old enough to have some input into what she wants to dress up as, so i think i did a great job of taking full advantage of being able to put her in something ridiculously over the top when i had the chance. mission accomplished, eh?

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