22 November 2011

three quarters of a year

ruby turned 8 months old on november 15th. not that she wasn't before, but she is so much fun now! she has a flirtatious smile that she gives people when she knows she's being funny, then buries her head in my shoulder. she fake coughs and looks around to see if anyone's noticed, too. she's becoming quite the jokester and i can only imagine what she will be like in another year.

so, here's a snapshot of ruby at 8 months:

she's still in size three diapers and i think she's around 18 lbs.

she finally, finally (finally!) rolled from her back to her stomach. once. and she was still laying on her arm when she did it and couldn't figure out how to pull it out from under her. it was pretty hilarious. but also so exciting! she's been trying to do that for months!

she can stand up if she's holding on to something with two hands. she stands up next to the tub and watches me fill it up each night. it's so sweet.

she's still babbling away a lot. and let me tell you, she is LOUD. i think it's pretty awesome. except for when she wakes up at 4:30 and starts up talking at the top of her lungs. i think she will be quite a chatty little girl.

in the last month, it seemed like ruby's spent the majority of her energy on figuring out how to get moving. she sits up on her own all the time and has started lunging forward to get where she wants to go. she pushes herself backwards when she's on her tummy. it is so much fun to watch her figure out how to do something she's been working so hard on. i'm so proud of her.

ruby's sleep is pretty good. she goes to sleep pretty easily each night and sleeps from about 7:30 - 6:00 and wakes up a couple times most nights. i think she's doing great and am loving all the snuggles.

she's still eating everything we put in front of her. and very recently she's started eating puffs and other solid snacks. she can definitely put away some food. her dad is proud. :)

ok, now for the good stuff. pictures! she is less and less happy each month to be laying down. she can sit up & darn it, she wants to! which i think is pretty sweet, so she's like that most of the time.

anyway, she rocks. we love the socks off you, rubinski!

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