21 October 2011

7 months! go on with yo bad self, rubinski!

here we are. 7 months in. parenting is wonderful. and exhausting. and a comedy show repeating every day. ruby is constantly changing. while i know her so well now that i can predict what she is going to do before she does it and what kind of cry she's going to have before she opens her little mouth, she keeps coming up with new tricks and i am loving it! 

so, here are the 7 month highlights:

ruby is a great eater. she continues to like pretty much everything we give to her. she makes some crazy faces when she eats peaches but keeps right on eating. 

she still hasn't rolled over from her back to her stomach, and now that i think of it, she hasn't rolled over from her stomach to her back in a while, either. right now, she just loves to be sitting up. she'll spend more time on her back than her stomach but she has really been getting good at keeping herself upright. a few nights ago, she almost pulled herself up on to her knees from sitting position when she pulled on a laundry basket. and my immediate thought was something along the lines of "oh crap. we need to baby-proof the heck outta this joint pronto!" hopefully she doesn't go mobile for a few more months b/c we don't even have all our stuff unpacked yet. (yeah, we moved in almost two months ago. whoops.)

she's almost in size 3 diapers and my guess would be that she's around 17 lbs. 

she will dance immediately if you start to sing to her and bounce her on your hip. she went to her first wedding and i just have to say, made her mama very proud at how excited she was when they played madonna. from the stories my big sisters have told me, i think she comes by her love of madonna honestly. 

we don't need to talk about how she's sleeping. ha ha. nah, really, she sleeps pretty well at night...as long as she's sleeping with us. that started about a month ago after she got her 6 months shots. it seemed her shots coincided with some serious separation anxiety. i know many will say that we're going to have a battle on our hands when it comes time to moving her back into her crib, but i'm not convinced of that. her sleep, like everything else, is constantly changing. we'll figure it out. and in the meantime, we are stocking up on some serious snuggles. i love it. 

she is quite the talker and is often hollering whatever it is that she wants to communicate to you. she started to say "mama" a few weeks back but only when she cries. and she's been saying it more often lately. particularly when she's in her carseat and screaming to be released from her restraints. she had a nice week where she didn't mind the carseat, but alas, apparently it sucks again. poor thing. oh, and speaking of car seats - she's graduated to the bigger carseat. and i must say, she looks too cool for school in it. 

and now for the fun part, picture time!

her 7 month photo shoot started out as normal - this is her usual arm-out, shake-it-like-a-polariod-picture pose...

...but it quickly turned into this. :) so, we switched it up...

and she's much happier this way. :) notice her holding on to her toes. too cute.
looking at her daddy.
this girl just kills me.

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