12 October 2011

..:: wordless-ish wednesday ::.. (because we're too busy stuffing our faces)

okay, so actually, i do have a few words. (it's ruby whose face is being stuffed, as you'll see)

it has been a trying few weeks, let me tell you.  i'm quickly learning that the reason parenting is so wonderful and, at the same time, so challenging, is because you just never know what you're gonna get any given day.  ruby's sleep was gradually getting better and better up to her six month check-up.  she'd actually slept 7 hours a few days before her appointment and had been staying in her crib longer and longer each night before she'd end up in our bed.  i was feeling optimistic.  that was my first mistake. haha. she got her shots, ran a fever over 101 for two days and it's been downhill since then.  she's recently started exhibiting some serious separation anxiety from me and now cries when i drop her off at day care (unless she's with her favorite teacher, ms misty). i love that she wants to be with me so much but it also breaks my heart that she gets so sad without me sometimes. anyway, i know that everything is just a phase and she'll soon be out of this one. but, don't let me fool you - as always, there are a million more sweet/funny/happy times each day than there are challenging ones.  and the best examples of the fun moments lately have had a lot ot do with ruby starting to eat solid foods. she likes pretty much everything she's tried - especially sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans. 

so, behold, ruby stuffing her face. and learning to use a sippy cup! what has happened to our little girl? 

this was the face we got a lot the first few times ruby at solid food.

ruby usually sits in a high chair now when we go out and i must say she's getting very good at it.
using the sippy cup with two hands!
still working on the idea that you have to tip it up to get any water to come out,
 but she's making progress. 
and this is what happends when ruby get a hold of the spoon and attempts to feed herself.

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