05 August 2011

we've got a little bookworm on our hands!

and this little geek mama couldn't be more excited! :) we don't have a lot of books...yet. i'm working on building up ruby's book collection. it's still missing classics like "where the wild things are" and "the cat in the hat" but we've got a few favorites. i am a big fan of sandra boynton and ruby loves "the belly button book". most nights we read "blueberry girl" - a book that took me about three weeks worth of reading each night before i managed not to cry through the whole thing. :) it's a great book. i don't think ruby's really picky about which book we read, she just loves to lean forward (she's really working on her sitting-up skills) and touch the pages, looking closer at the pictures. it's definitely one of my absolute favorite parts of the day. check out the cutest thing ever ~ ~ ~

i just love how she sucks on her bottom lip when she's really focused on something. :)

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