21 August 2011

it's a weird kinda feeling

sometimes i feel so in love with our little family - T, ruby, & i - that it literally hurts my heart. i feel like that tonight. i feel like that often, actually. having lived away from my family for so long, i sometimes could forget just how happy being with your own flesh and blood can make a person. until now. now i'm around it every day and it just fills me up with pure joy. and sometimes, like tonight, it makes me so happy that i can't help but think of all the bummer things in life that can crop up from time to time and mess that happiness up. but what's that saying? something about how worrying about tomorrow robs today of its joy or something? yeah, so that's what i'm focusing on. i'm keeping my head and heart focused on all the good in our life and all the plans we have for the future. it is (and is going to be) a wonderful life.


  1. I'm going to make my husband read this. This is exactly what he struggles with. Maintaining a focus on the positives of the future.


  2. i totally know what you mean. sometimes i just watch parker & i'm so happy i want to cry. just enjoy those moments!