25 February 2013

getting away & being close

last weekend, we planned an impromptu & much needed family getaway. it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I didn't realize how much I needed, we needed, a weekend like that until T picked me up on friday from my office so we could get ruby & head straight out of town.

we didn't do anything in particular. just relaxed. we ate a lot (at times, too much) of delicious food. and went swimming, which ruby thoroughly enjoyed. we had to take her out of the pool bc she was so cold her lips were blue. she wasn't too happy about getting out but she settled down once we transferred her, still in her bathing suit, to the jacuzzi tub in our room & turned on the jets. :) she was quite happy with that (and warm!) we watched a lot of pixar movies (no surprise there) & slept in a gloriously large king sized bed. the weekend was a smashing success, I'd say.

the resort we stayed at is called lake lawn resort. it has a special place in my/our heart/s. my dad & della-mom brought my sister, sam, & I (& maybe my brother, jer, too? can't remember!) there to celebrate our 16th birthdays. and then, just 8 years later, T & i were married on the lake at the resort. so, lots of fun memories had already been had there & I'm happy to have added to them with ours this weekend.

here are a few pictures of our family getaway:

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