02 February 2013

birthday celebration: epilogue

so, lately i have been focusing on all that i can't know. that sounds crazy. basically, i've meditating on how little i am and not holding me to a very high standard of knowing how everything works in my world. this world is a beautiful, and often times, heart breaking place. it's exhausting trying to make sense of it all. and there are quiet, perfect evenings like tonight, getting home from celebrating my birthday with some of my favorite people, that make me stop and be grateful for the sparkly snow and soft light.

i am very much going to try to stop and take note of these moments more often.


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    1. well, you would have loved this snowfall then. it was so, so fluffy and sparkly. I don't generally like snow for more than the first five minutes I see it, BUT that said, this snowfall was beautiful. you're welcome to some of ours! ;)