27 December 2012

christmas happiness

can't believe how quickly christmas came & went this year. i don't think it helps that it was on a tuesday, either. we had a few years when it was attached to weekends & that was good stuff. anyway, while we are trying to get back into the swing of things, we are happy to have some wonderful christmas memories from this year.

ruby & i made the trek up to minnesota by ourselves last weekend. overall, ruby did great & we even dodged a big snowstorm so that was a relief. we stayed at my oldest sister's home and i got to see ALL of my family, which is no small task. all six of my siblings, plus 8 nieces/nephews, plus all 3 of my parents were in one place at one time & i LOVED it. the only draw back was that T couldn't come with us. but when we came back christmas eve, we got to spend that evening & all of christmas day with him, which was a wonderful time.

here's a photo bomb of some good times, christmas style!

ruby found her cousin's "um- ella!!" 

view from my sister's front yard. she lives in the country, which made for a perfectly relaxing trip.

fun with grandma della

cousins hard at work (aka unwrapping presents)

"holy crap!! check out my new ride! it comes with a WAND!" 

someone loves their auntie lisa

i can't tell you the sheer joy ruby had when playing at Bounce World. homegirl was losing her ever- loving mind. and also, i think i had just as much fun as she did. 

there is little more wonderful than the friendship found in a cousin.

"cheese!!" having lunch with her cousin, teagan.


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  1. Love all of this! Christmas Toms, too. You lucky, lucky girl. :o)

    Hugs to all of the Suns.