04 August 2012

a girl & her soccer ball

a couple weekends ago we went on a family trip to babies are us. (always fun.) for a while, I've been looking for a doll for ruby because she's been acting out caregiving sort of behaviors (covering things with a blanket & rubbing/patting it, for example). we had been to several stores to purchase said doll but was having a hard time finding a doll that didn't need it's diaper changed on the regular, talk, or need to be given actual baths. i was getting a bit discouraged when i came upon a newborn cabbage patch doll. CPK FTW!

well. ruby had different feelings about
mackenzie (given name for super cool doll, of course). she wanted nothing to do with it because she'd spotted (oh holy bananas!) a BALL!!! which she proceeded to scream about until I handed it to her. and then this happened: ruby hugged her soccer ball, kissed it (with the full "mmmmwaahhh" kissy sound), and then got a death grip on that ball with her little fingers until we purchased it. she has since brought it to school to share it with her friends, chased it around the yard, and thrown it repeatedly at the cats (they have yet to catch it, but she's patient. i'm sure the. cats appreciate that.)

when she is playing with it in her car seat, she looks like this. oh, and yes, her soccer-loving dad is quite proud. :)


  1. Noella has similar feelings towards baby dolls. We moved to Florida recently and stayed with some friends while we searched for a new home. They have a 5 year old little girl with a love of all things girly so baby dolls are everywhere. Noella would pick through a pile of them to find a stuffed monkey or penguin to love instead. She loves them so hard she shakes. It's interesting what they choose to connect with and what they leave by the wayside. Needless to say I'm glad I didn't spend a whole lot of money on a baby for her for her birthday this year when she chooses a teddy bear or penguin anyway.

    1. that is so sweet! yeah, i think our girls would get along nicely. :)