26 June 2013

wordless-ish wednesday: huge disney photo dump!

so, I really am going to keep this pretty wordless. I am formulating a post about our experience at the FSMA conference & then our vacation but first I want to document some of my favorite photos from the trip. I took around 400 total so this is only a tenth of them but just looking back over these few remind me of how lucky we were to get to do this. and how fortunate we were to get to go with some family. actually, looking at these pictures, i'm disappointed in myself for not getting any pictures of my mom. hoping that my sisters may have some. i also will never forget that we owe our entire trip to so many friends, family, & strangers that helped us get there. "thanks" can't be said enough! 

so, enough talk - here is our trip in photos!

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  1. Looks like she did well with the wheel chair that only weighs 7 lbs - thought that chair was amazing.