25 April 2012

wordless-ish wednesday: faces

this girl is such a ham. behold, the  many faces of ruby harper...


  1. This is so funny because I was thinking about how Noella lately seems to only have one face for everything. She crinkles her nose up and srunches her eyes at everything in every situation. It's so funny how our kiddos are the same age but can be doing such totally different things. She is gorgeous by the way.

    And. Also. Some days I wish we were a little closer because I think our girls could be great friends.

    1. hi! that face sounds pretty funny. ruby does something similar when she eats something she's not so sure about liking. haha.

      i think ruby and noella would get along great, too. when i saw the pictures of her in the sand, i thought the same thing. ruby loves to play in water, dirt, sand, you name it. the two of them would probably have a blast together at the beach. :) that's the thing about this blogging thing - it's kinda sad to "meet" people but not really get to hang out with them. but it is fun to watch each other's little ones grow, too. :)