16 December 2011

officially as much time on the outside as on the inside

well, ruby is 9 months old. so technically she hasn't quite been on the outside as long as she was on the inside since she was really on the inside for more like 9 1/2 months, but close enough!

in the past few days, she has really started moving. in her 8-month birthday post, i said that she seemed to be focusing a lot of her energy on getting moving and that has sure been the story this last month, too. on the 14th, she pulled herself up from sitting to standing and on the 15th, she started rolling repeatedly from her back to her stomach and stomach to back until she was just rotating in a circle on the floor. it was pretty funny to watch. then before i realized it, within a few minutes of starting that, she figured out how to get into sitting position. that kinda sent me over the edge of "what-the-heck-kid-settle-down-&-slow-your-crazy-growing-self" and just when i was about to get weepy, she got up on her knees and started rocking back and forth. what the?! seriously, i was starting to think she was going to pull herself up to standing again and just start walking. it was a little mind boggling how quickly she went from one thing to the next. like she knew how to do it all along in her head but was just waiting to execute her mad skills. so, yeah. now i really need to get the house ruby-proofed. oy.

i haven't weighed/measured her lately so i'm not sure of those details but she doesn't look/feel all that much bigger to me. she's definitely slowed down in that department. when we were at the pediatrician a couple weeks ago because of a cough she had, she was in the 25% for weight and the pediatrician said that was fine because "she's not really that tall." yup, sorry little peanut. tall genes aren't really your friends. :)

she's still in size 3 diapers. she's in mostly 6 - 9 month clothes, but still fits into some 6 month stuff and is also wearing some 12 months clothes, too.

she goes to sleep each night at about 7 pm and wakes up usually b/w 6 - 7 am. the last few days she's been up for an hour or two in the middle of the night. i'm not sure what that's all about but i assume she'll grow out of it, so whatevs. aside from that tho, she still wakes up a few times. all in all, sleep is going fine. and altho i am tired most of the time (read: always), the exhaustion is not as bad as i thought it was going to be. i cannot imagine being pregnant again right now, tho. oh, no. no way. oh, the torture. i can't even think about it. ok, moving on.

let's see. ruby doesn't say much more than "mama" that you can make out, that is. she is still pretty loud and babbles a lot. she has started kind of yelling at me if i don't respond to her. it's pretty funny. at first, she'll just be happily saying "mama mama mama mama" and if i don't answer, all of the sudden it's "ma-MAAA! ma-MAAA!" i usually respond with "yes, ruby?" and she just smiles. stinker.

overall, ruby is a very happy little girl. she is quite the flirt with just about everyone. although she's happiest when she's in my arms, she is getting to know her extended family better and is more comfortable visiting with others. it's so sweet. she is full of smiles (almost) all the time.

she's the best part of everyday and the absolute light of our lives. i can't believe she's already 9 month old. we have her 9 month check-up (a little late) in two weeks and then the next appt i make for her will be here 12 month. holy shmoly. a year old? craziness.

okay, favorite part - cuteness overload:
someone's a little happy :)

she's such a mover - so this is a little blurry. but look how
long she is getting!

whoops! oh, there she goes.

i love her little chicken legs.

this girl is ripped! look at her little muscles. :)

picture time was a lot of work. time to relax in the tub and
play with dad's shaving gel. happy 9 month old little lady. :)

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  1. ooh, i remember getting to this point with parker! such a fun time :)