18 May 2012

flashback friday: besties

tonight, i'm shining a spotlight on two of my closest friends, lisa & hillary, and flashing back to a few fantastic girl's nights out. we all lived together for a couple years while in undergrad. those were the days, right? minimal responsibilities, staying up all night long talking about everything imaginable, IMing one another while just room away from each other, shopping, etc. the good times went on and on. eventually, we had to get real jobs and found ourselves missing the time we had together. so, for a couple years, every few months we would take turns traveling to one each other's houses to eat delicious food, drink wine, and simply reconnect. we haven't had one of our get-togethers in a couple years now but we made some sweet memories. love you ladies.

this was one of hillary's times to host. we booked a room at a hotel, got dolled up,
drank margaritas, and ate the. most. decadent. (and possibly most expensive)
 dinners ever. it was wonderful. and those beds? god bless fancy linens.
here we are in kenosha. lisa lived there at the time and we went to this italian restaurant
and then had drinks (are you seeing a pattern here?) and a sleepover at her house.
one of my favorite pictures of the three of us. this was in
milwaukee at a seafood restaurant. and yeah, there were drinks. ;)

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